OxSID is an entirely student-run organisation.

We’re a team of students from across Oxford University. Our committee members are studying everything from Politics to Spanish to Chemistry to Classics, but we’re all united by a passion for international development.

In addition, our College Reps represent OxSID across the University, ensuring we reach and represent a wide range of backgrounds and departments.

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Sara Al Soodi (she/her)
BA History, Christ Church

Hello, I’m Sara, and I am one of the co-presidents for OxSID this term. My main areas of interest within international development are the impact of conflict in societies, especially in the Middle East, as well as the ongoing refugee crisis around the world. Having been on committee previously and engaging in different roles with the society, I have had the chance to interact with a variety of dedicated people, and broaden my knowledge of international development. This term, I look forward to seeing what our amazing committee will do and continue to make our society grow.


Jonathan Tostevin (he/him)
BA History and Politics, Magdalen College

This term marks my one year anniversary in OxSID’s Committee, and it’s been gratifying to help the society’s growth and expansion. It’s come a long way from its inception in 2017. Coming into the role of president on this strong foundation will allow us to build a cohesive programme covering events all over the world. I hope to oversee a dive into the pressing development issues of the day, from conflict in Ukraine, Myanmar, and Tigray, to the logistical – and ethical – difficulties of delivering development aid to Afghanistan. Furthermore, investigation into the nuances of companies such as Rio Tinto, Glencore, and China Molybdenum is essential for future models of sustainable development. The dying down of Covid will also allow us to begin shifting events to in-person, as well as outdoors, Trinity weather permitting. I’m excited to see how OxSID can continue to grow through this term!


Nina Skrzypczak (she/her)
BA PPE, Christ Church

For a long time I have been broadly fascinated by international development. More specifically, I am interested in sustainable technological innovation and it’s application to increase inclusivity in global markets. It is so important to look not only at what international development is, but what it should be, and to constantly strive for improvement so that progress can be an attainable reality for all. That’s why I’m incredibly excited as outreach and sponsorship director to collaborate with like-minded societies in order to continue the educational and inspirational environment OxSID creates.


Rosalie Chapman (she/her)
BA Human Sciences, Hertford College

I’m Rosalie and I’m a 1st year Human Scientist at Hertford. I am really excited to serve as Secretary and to work with this incredible committee to help OxSID grow as a society. Though the Oxford bubble may mitigate out-of-Oxford stresses, I think it’s important our humanitarian concerns don’t remain insular. For me, I am particularly interested in the role of media in international development, the cultural change of developing countries as well as looking at measuring non-economic facets of wellbeing, such as Gross National Happiness. I look forward to engaging with new topics and events throughout Trinity and I can’t wait to see all the great work OxSID produces!

Events Director

Stephanie Moon (she/her)
BA Theology, Keble College

I’m Stephanie, and I’m a current 2nd year studying Theology. I’m interested in healthcare initiatives in Africa and its relation to religion, and refugee issues in South Korea. Although I’ve been a member of OxSID, it’s my first time being on the committee. Being involved with the society at this level is super exciting, and I can’t wait to see what this term holds for OxSID!

Marketing Director

Grace Hart (she/her)
BA English and French, Lady Margaret Hall

Hi, I’m Grace, and I’m excited to join the OxSID team as the Marketing Director this term. I’m interested in social enterprise as a tool for both local and global sustainable development within communities, as well as the links between large organisations, such as the UN, and grassroots projects. As a linguist, I’m also fascinated by the way language policies inform national and personal identity and the ways in which this affects global politics. As a former college rep I’m looking forward to getting more involved with and increasing engagement in a super friendly and inspirational society!

Careers and Mentorship Director

Aimee Lammin (she/her)
BA PPE, Oriel College

I’m Aimee and I’m a 2nd year studying PPE at Oriel. My interest in International Development is quite broad but I’m particularly interested in disaster risk management in developing countries. I’m really looking forward to being on the committee this Trinity, organising the mentorship scheme and putting on careers events that cater to a whole host of International Development interests!

Sponsorship Officer

Kevin Lee (he/him)
BA PPE, Mansfield College

Hi guys! My name is Kevin, and I’m the Sponsorship Officer for OxSID this term. My main interest in international development lies in issues pertaining to global healthcare, particularly tackling the exploitative pharmaceutical industry and international politics. Interning through the United Nations Temple of Understanding program, I furthered my passion for global justice and equality. I’m looking forward to working with the OxSID committee for the rest of this year!

Current Affairs Officer

Anushka Akhtar (she/her)
MSc Comparative Social Policy, Regent’s Park College

I am interested in the interdisciplinary aspect of International Development. Namely, the interaction between a nation’s political institutions and its capacity for economic development and empowerment. I am particularly drawn to the study of development economics in the regions of South Asia and Latin America. I am also keen to learn more about the dynamic relationship between governments, civil society actors, NGOs and INGOs in addressing inequality and poverty alleviation. As a Current Affairs Officer, I look forward to exploring these topics and sharing my findings with the OxSID community.

Current Affairs Officer

Katarina Javorčeková (she/her)
BA French and Portuguese, Merton College

My interest in global affairs and international development are wide ranging but I especially like to focus on the CEE region, Francophone countries and Brazil. My current interest is focused on the integration of post-socialist Central and Eastern Europe into the EU and the region’s significant economic convergence, dramatic changes in socio-economic indicators and improvements in the natural environment. As Current Affairs Officer I’m also passionate about the neutrality and diversity of news sources and it would be great to also bring the issues of less-discussed regions to the fore.

Social Secretary

Helena Holter (she/her)
BA PPE, Somerville College

OxSID is an inspiring community that has allowed me to discover more about fascinating challenges from every corner of the globe. Since joining OxSID, my long-standing interest in international development has only broadened and deepened. My commitment to the development sector emerged from my interest in sustainability when I worked in Mozambique for three months, writing a research paper on community impact schemes. I believe that international development should begin with empowering local communities to facilitate real change. I am excited to help OxSID grow its presence within the university and to see what this fantastic team will create!

Social Secretary

Michelle Chan (she/her)
BA History and Economics, Somerville College

OxSID is such a vibrant society and its members are engaged with issues in varied areas. My time with OxSID has allowed me to interrogate the very systems within the development sector as well as keep up with current international affairs. As social secretary, I’m excited to facilitate more conversations across different realms of interest in development. I hope our committee and our members will enjoy the social events this term!

Social Secretary

Zilun Lin (he/him)
BA PPE, Lady Margaret Hall

Hi, I’m Zilun and I’m very excited to be social sec for this term! I’m very passionate about the political economy of development and I have found OxSID to be a very wholesome society. We can’t wait to bring you lots of fun socials for Trinity! Look forward to pub quizzes, cross-society outings and more :))

Events Officers


Anos Gerós (she/her)
DPhil Clinical Medicine, St Peter’s College

In our increasingly busy lives, it’s easy to become trapped in the daily routine and forget about what is happening outside our own bubble. Joining OXSID was my way of engaging with the exciting, fast-paced human development witnessed worldwide. Africa is still, to a large extent, on the way to reaching its full potential: although undeniably rich in several cultural, social and environmental facets, the many challenges it faces still deserve international attention, specially when involving basic human rights. As Africa Events Officer, I intend to explore these issues and share them with the Oxford community, promoting awareness and generating growing interest and support. I am particularly interested in the emancipation of African women, and in showcasing charities and associations which assist them in rebuilding their lives, achieving their independence, and play their rightful roles in an equal society.


Rohan Silvestro (he/him)
BA Italian and German, Somerville College

I have always been passionate about international development and international politics. Therefore, this term I want to explore the complex political landscape across Africa, which can often be overlooked in Western media. I intend to focus in particular on the effect of two recent coups d’état and Tuareg insurgency in Mali, as well as on the so-called ‘benevolent dictatorship’ of Kagame’s Rwanda. This is a very exciting opportunity, and I am looking forward to the great work we will do this term!


Pragna Challapalli (she/her)
BA Law with French Law, Magdalen College

I’m interested in the intersection between law and development, and the ways in which human rights law influences the development of marginalised communities. I’m also interested in examining the functions of international organisations such as the UN and legal institutions such as the International Criminal Court or the International Court of Justice, and considering the impact of these organisations on the communities they seek to serve, and how they can be improved.


Asmaani Shukla (she/her)
BA History, Magdalen College

I’m Asmaani, a second year history undergrad at Magdalen. Being a part of the Indian diaspora, my focus is primarily on South Asia, and I am keen to explore the politics and affairs of the sub-continent. I am particularly interested in the collaboration of nations and shared efforts in development, exemplified in the South-South cooperation model. In my role as Asia Pacific events director, I hope to explore the empowerment of rural communities, and how organisations work on a grassroots level.

North America

Heather Li (she/they)
BA PPE, St. Catherine’s College

“I’m Heather, a 1st-year studying PPE at St Catherine’s. International development has always been relevant in my life, being part of the Chinese diaspora in North America and hearing my parents’ stories about growing up under Communist rule. I’m excited to explore development in North America as an Events Officer, particularly Indigenous development in what is currently Canada and the United States.”

South America

Ellie Owen (she/her)
BA History, Merton College

I’m Ellie, a second year history student at Merton. I have always been fascinated by the role that international organisations can play in development around the world. In South America, I think some of the most interesting topics revolve around gender, sustainability and the legacy of decolonisation, themes I hope to explore in my role as events officer this term.


Esther Coomber (she/her)
BA History, Magdalen College

I developed an interest in international development through volunteering in Uganda and with the refugee crisis charity ‘Care4Calais’. These experiences demonstrated to me different ways that charities and organisations can approach humanitarian concerns, including innovative and sustainable responses. In my role as Europe Events Officer, I am particularly keen to explore issues related to refugees and migration from the perspectives of public policy, employment, sustainability and human rights.

College Reps

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